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Pupil Premium Strategy at Hepworth J & I School

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is the term given to money allocated to schools in their budget related to the number of children who are eligible for free school meals (FSM), looked after children (LAC), post LAC and armed forces children. The figure is calculated on any child in school who has been eligible for FSM in the past six years. The money is allocated to initiatives to ensure pupils reach their full potential both academically and socially.

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If your child does not have free school meals, but may be eligible because of your family’s income level, please contact the office (in confidence) to register them. Even if you do not wish them to have the meals, this would mean that school could still claim the Pupil Premium funding that may be used to help them.

Our Objectives

At Hepworth J & I School we use our pupil premium funding to address three main objectives:

1.  ​To support eligable pupils in making accelerated progress

2.  To support eligable pupils with social skills & emotional needs

3.  To enrich the lives of eligable pupils

At Hepworth our priority is to 'narrow the gap' for the most vulnerable pupils who are not on track to meet expected outcomes for their year group. We also aim to support them with any social needs. We also recognise that not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged are registered or take up FSM. We try to ensure that all pupils who need support access the interventions set up for pupils who do qualify for Pupil Premium.


At Hepworth we run 1 to 1 and small group interventions to support pupils. These groups support pupils with their learning and emotional wellbeing. The 1 to 1 support targets learning in small bursts to help plug gaps in learning. Group learning focusses on phonics and spelling, maths or reading. Each week social skills groups meet to help build friendships and to have time to discuss any home or school issues.

Hepworth pupil premium money also provides enrichment activities such as sports and drama.


Pupil Premium Allocation Statement 2015/16

Budget allocation: £10,980

Funding received from 2015/16 budget: *£10,980 x 7/12 = £6,405     (Sept 15-Mar 16 (*Deprivation Ever 6 £5,280 & Post LAC Adopted £5,700))

Funding received from 2016/17 budget: *£10,980 x 5/12 = £4,575     (Apr 16-Aug 16 (*Deprivation Ever 6 £5,280 & Post LAC Adopted £5,700))

Number of pupils supported: 7


How the Pupil Premium

was spent




ETA hours for 1 to 1 support in reading,

writing and maths.



ETA hours to improve social skills


Improving reading skills through 1 to 1 reading and small group work.

Improve writing through doing pre teach vocabulary

before lesson, working 1 to 1 on planning and writing.

1 to 1 in class support

Phonics programme

Link worker between home and school

Emotional group work

social skills group

Debating group

Transition work

Small group reading and writing support ensured pupils achieved the expected outcomes at the end of KS2.

1 to 1 support has focussed on basic skills so the pupil can now access teaching at HHS. These sessions also looked at social skills and fine motor skills.

A social skills group met weekly and helped pupils learn how to deal with different social situations and to give them confidence to move to High School.


Residential Visit to Kingswood-Peak Venture Mar 16 £95   Children could take part with their peers on a residential visit
After School Club - Spring Term - Football £8   Improved social skills & access to sport
Toe by Toe - book £22   Improved phonics
Conquer Maths - on-line SEN resource £180   This has helped children in their maths and has helped parents support pupils at home.
Continuation of increased access to music tuition (Summer Term) £396   Pupils were able to play an instrument throughout the year ins chool and at home
ETA £676   Pupils were given 1 to 1 support and small group support for their emotional needs. This helped pupils to approach each day calmly knowing that they had been able to speak of their worries. This ensured elarning could then take place. Pupils also had peace of mind that they had someone to go to whenever they needed support. This support was also offered to parents to support home / school learning.


Pupil Premium Allocation Statement 2016/17

Budget allocation : £8,847

Funding received from 2016/17 budget: *£10,980 x 7/12 = £6,405     (Sept 16-Mar 17 (*Deprivation Ever 6 £5,280 & Post LAC Adopted £5,700))

Funding received from 2017/18 budget: *£5,860 x 5/12 = £2,442       (Apr 17-Aug 17 (*Deprivation Ever 6 £3,960 & Post LAC Adopted £1,900))

Number of pupils supported: 5


How the Pupil Premium

will be spent

Costs Actions Impact

Curriculum enrichment & wider opportunities-including school trips, extra-curricular clubs/activities, whole class brass


All pupils will have the same opportunities in school with trips, clubs etc

Pupils who may have missed out on curriculum enrichment have been able to access all the activities with the rest of the class.
KS2 teacher boosting cost £2,186 Weekly 1 to 1 and small group support in phonics & spelling and maths. Two PP pupils received additional support in preparation for KS2 SATs. They both passed key tests and have successfully moved to secondary school.

ETA hours - one to one support in reading, writing & maths

ETA hours to provide emotional & social skills support

£4,358 Social skills groups and 1 to 1 support each morning.

The extra ETA hours have helped PP pupils to make the same progress as other children. 

Emotional support groups have ensured that the wellbeing of pupils is focussed on each week. This has ensured that all pupils are happy and ready to learn.

Reading Friends books £100 Reading Friends support offers 1 to 1 reading. Books have been bought to factilitate this. PP pupils have successfully accessed Reading Frineds.
Growth Mindset Conference £65 Can Growth Mindset be used to support pupil learning? Pupils have become more confident and so learning has improved.
Management time to track Pupil premium  £225 SLT time to evaluate the succes of pupil premium interventions The SLT has checked on the progress of PP pupils and considered the best support for them.
Drama Club £200 This will fund Hepworth's involvement in Honley Shakespeare Festival - enrichment and literacy skills for pupils PP pupils have had the opportunity to take part in the RSC & Honley High School's Shakespeare Festival. This has increased confidence & encouraged PP pupils to get involved in acting outside school.
Continuation of increased access to music tuition (Autumn/Spring Terms) £592 Pupils will be able to play an instrument at home and school all year. Pupils were able to play a brass instrument for two years without charge. This allowed them to perform as part of a group and to experience learning an instrument. In school confidence increased.
Phonics & Spelling Scheme £500 WaLLS literacy scheme will help narrow the gap with phonics and spellings Pupils phonic and spelling skills have improved through use of this scheme in interventions.
ETA/Teacher afternoon visits to a partner school £144 This will ensure new interventions and teaching skills are brought back and used to support learning. This created discussions as to how best support pupils and have resulted in new interventions being trialled. Skills and expertise have been shared which helped pupils needing support.
KS2 Teacher course - Exploring Childrens' Literature £160 This training will lead to all pupils having access to a book in furture when the teacher reads to athe class. This will be particularly beneficial for PP pupils. PP pupils have been able to read with the teacher in class during Literacy sessions. This has helped improve literacy skills and PP pupil participation.

Pupil Premium Allocation Statement 2017/18

Budget allocation so far - September 17 to March 18

Funding received from 2017/18 budget: *£5,860 x 7/12 = £3,418      (Sep17- Mar18 (*Deprivation Ever 6 £3,960 & Post LAC Adopted £1,900))

Number of pupils supported: 3

How the Pupil Premium

will be spent

Costs Actions Impact

ETA hours - one to one support in reading, writing & maths

ETA hours to provide emotional & social skills support


Small group and 1 to 1 support to ensure PP pupils make at least as good progress as other children.

Access to an emotional support group each week to be able to talk about feelings & issues.

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