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Hepworth School Council

At Hepworth our pupils have an important role to play in issues that affect the children themselves. We value the opinions and suggestions made by pupils and encourage them to be responsible members of our school community.

Two representatives from each year group are elected by their peers every year.  The School Council discusses this information each month. The children are always keen to meet at lunchtimes to sort and discuss issues raised by the pupils.

Our School Council are keen to raise money for the school and for charities.

Our School Governor Mrs Blacka joins us for our half termly meetings.

The school councillors are keen to let KS1 and KS2 know that they are available if anyone needs help or just needs a buddy at playtimes. Don’t hesitate to approach them as they are a lovely group of representatives. You can tell who they are by their photographs in the hall.

Last Year the School Council visited Huddersfield Town Hall to see how democracy works in practice and The Major came in to talk to the school.

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